About our identity, what defines us and the way we work

Bottom line CS-Design is a one-man company from Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany, operating in an innovative new way.
To make each of your designs and projects a unique experience with high, reliable standard and time efficiency, it became of great importance to team up. The idea was to combine the skill, knowledge and creativity of various freelancing-designers.


Each freelancer basically works in her/his own one-woman/-man business or company or any other form of legal status.
Being independent, we get together at need. So we are able to operate most selective regarding the members on a specific project-team and therefore most efficient on your individual design projects.


After everything is considered, the project-structure is planned out and the work ahead was split up among the team members, we normally separate again to fully focus on our particular work and design activities.

A few personal words

My name is Chris Stoeckel [BA] and I’m the founder of CS-Design.
After studying media-design in Hannover at the [HSH] Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, I dedicated and focused my work as well as my innate design-thinking to the general demand for excitingly eye-catching, memorable and well thought-out designs.

While frequently facing entire design-projects on my own, I truly enjoy teaming up if the given dimensions make it reasonable and more time efficient. Coordinating and working out ideas and project structures, communicating as well as creating various styles of designs are areas I not only work in but am dedicated to.

A special commitment to visual attractiveness, functionality and efficiency of communicating information – to me – is what makes each design, project or idea special and interesting.

Exemplary Freelancer 'Pool'

A few words from the Team

We’re all freelancers, each of us operating in a one-man/-woman company or other legal form. We singly work for various clients in our various fields of design and expertise.

“I’m good at drawing basic or detailed illustrations for further vector-designing.”
“I’m especially creative when it comes to graphical designs for posters or flyers.”
“I’m great with cameras. After the pre-production is done, I’m capable of building a set-crew, organizing the internal departments as well as the equipment and taking charge of most of the production-steps.”

If our order situation as freelancers allows the request and we’re generally interested in the  particular CS-Design project, we join the team and work in our specific areas of design.

Five steps we take to build your unique and individual designs

2.5 – Production Option

Memorable and eye-catching designs demand of innovative and professionally shot source-images.
Let us introduce you to our innovative way of taking the source-photos your project demands and consists of.
Thanks to our flexible team-structure it’s possible to us to build a team especially for your specific project and design related requirements.

Hannover – our big LOVE

Creative work and the detailed elaboration of unique designs is not all that connects us here at CS-Design.
Another passion is certainly our love for Hannover – our home of constant inspiration, where the vitality of the city meets the peacefulness of the rural countryside.