Explore our unique method of designing expressive graphic-campaigns for your in-house employee and information communication.

Not the right solution or just in need of a single design?

Challenges caused by common communication tools & their respective impact

A presentation of common challenges and their respective impact and influence on the effectiveness of the communication-tools at use.

In each field of challenge our graphical information-campaigns can be of help.

1 – small range
2 – expanses
3 – time
4 – scattering losses
5 – unattractive design
6 – selective perception

Through excitingly new and professionally elaborated designs our campaigns can help minimize scattering losses, visually trigger selective perception of employees and clearly communicate your information throughout small, middle or big, international ranges.
Our method aims to conquer unattractive design and reduce your overall expenses as well as the time-effort in general.

Graphics and illustrations made to fit all your needs

When you think about communication, you intendedly think of a conversation, probably of vocals, sound and one of our main senses – hearing.
When it comes down to communicating important information, not only to a group of people or a section but entirely, quick and effective, it is of immense importance to not only consider but trigger the visual properties of our human eyesight.

This is what we take pride in: Working out eye-catching design campaigns that fit your needs, communicating your information fast and effective and making it stick to the thoughts of thous who’ve seen it – just like a music-jingle in a commercial would do.

What's so special about our concept?

Commonly informational-media or workflow processes are rather straight forward, plain and very functional – mostly because they have to.
This is not a bad thing, each media channel has it’s pros and functionality should always be a main goal. If however the functionality dominates the presented, the message was read but all to often not really understood or considered. Most of the times all channels of communication are put to work spreading the new information. Each time in a quite functional, unpersonal way.

Here CS-Design takes over. To our experience there is no problem nor information that can’t be communicated in a authentic, visually appealing way.
Providing a little joke and some humor in the right spots, keeps people looking and lets the presented information stick to their minds.
In other words, we developed a method that makes your information more memorable to your employees.

The average human transfers emotions and messages more easily and willingly when the opposing side or person looks or is familiar.
CS-Design offers to take part in setting your employees in the best light to graphically represent your company. Pictured in an equal and authentic way this can help build linking bonds between employees. It can improve the work atmosphere and moral, increase the efficiency, reinforce internal affiliations and ensure a larger scale of information scattering.


exemplary graphical information-communication (design-campaigns)

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Finalizing Words

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