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CS-Design – Designs for any business-type, club or community.
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The design I desire isn't listed

The categories and styles of design we offer and present on our homepage are to be understood as exemplary and excerpt-like. Write us, explain your specific thoughts, objectives as well as special features of your individual project-idea or your desired design elaboration.

Why are no fixed prices stated?

Package prices and fixed prices have never been a real option for CS-Design, as they can often lead to intransparent information that at second glance does not prove to be as fixed or package-like as previously indicated. After our first contact and a look at the project requirements, we work out a strategy and quickly submit an offer explaining the listed prices and costs.

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You are a Freelancer in the broad field Media-Design or Graphic-, Sound-, Film- or Web-Design?
We’re looking for experienced, talented and team-minded design-freelancers that are searching for an elaborate design experience.
Contact us, send us your profile and resume, show off your exemplary work and you might be part of the team in our next project.

Further ideas, appliances and inspiration

Explore exemplary approaches on facing potential challenges or communication difficulties through our intuitive and memorable design-campaigns (area-wide).
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