Ideas and areas of application in which our graphic design campaigns can be helpful

1 - Enforce Saving Plans

Upcoming saving plans can get put to action easier because every employee area-wide has the same level of knowledge and information.
With a stronger family-feeling at work (cf. 4 - Feeling of identity) the employees are more likely to develop or increase their sense or care for established saving plans (example: saving energy).

2 - Job Safety *

Always having an open eye and ear toward job safety is very important.
Since identifying arising problems is a strenuous and costly part, we develop suitable strategies that aim to sensitize your employees company-wide.
In an interactive way, your employees might soon be motivated to search, identify and report safety issues in an area they know best - their respective work-places.

3 - Optimize processes

After the relevant information is communicated through internal media-channels, one needs to ensure that everyone reads and actually understands the information sent.
Often howsoever the information is halfhearted set aside and soon forgotten. Let CS-Design develop a graphical information-campaign that can visually explain the facts and is designed to be memorable.

* Together with you we can develop a strategy to fight job-safety problems, or to face energy inefficient processes that seldom are detected by inspections.

4 - Feeling of identity

Presenting information in a new, eye-catching and visual attractive way already may loosen fixed behavior-patterns by just looking at the new and vivid, put out information.
By setting your employees in the best light in representing your project and company, our graphical in-house campaigns can generate a growing sense of identification with your company. Visual representation by a graphical communication-media (e.g. posters) can have a great effect regarding morals and atmosphere.
A unified sense and family feeling at work can make employees more sensible in absorbing and passing on information. Also your employees are more likely to consider outlined saving plans or to help putting them into practice.

5 - Hello? New?!

Changes, arrangements, improvements or news are certainly amongst the most important and urgent types of information and are therefore dependent on memorable, coherent and area-wide communication.
Often companies and their employees have internal figures or flowers of speech as well as their own humor and insider sayings. Through visually attractive and modern designs, as well as the appropriate use of in-house humor, our campaigns can present plain information in new, interesting and memorable ways.

6 - Presenting the complex

Complex terms, news or information can be broken down into graphics everyone can grasp and understand. Catching attention and making the presented information stick to the mind through graphically explained contexts along with attractive designs, is a goal we pay a lot of attention to.

Share your Ideas, Inspiration or Plans

Thanks to a high degree of scalability, our method is particularly suitable for international, facility-wide information distribution.
Further more our time efficient workflow allows a simultaneous release of all designed campaign-elements to reach the most effective, area-wide response.
To us it has always been of great important to keep in touch once the project has started, so you can watch and accompany the development of your new designs from beginning to end.

Let us develop a graphical information-campaign that can visually communicate without barriers and motivate each employee to optimize processes and help enforce saving plans. Let’s develop a solution that combines your existing communication-tools with our unique and eye-catching information-campaigns.
Contact us; share ideas and find out how CS-Design can illustrate an information-campaign designed to your individual needs.